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The C-word, Part 2 March 20, 2009

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One of the first get-togethers I had shortly after arriving in my hometown was a lunch with family friends I’d know since childhood. Our 3 families had grown up together and lost loved ones together over a period of about 50 years. Some had stayed in the area and others had moved far away, so it was more like a reunion as we tried to catch up in the short time we had together.
That’s not remarkable in itself, but the topic turned to cancer and one of my old friends took the time to share her non-smoking husband’s ordeal with lung cancer 14 years earlier and his miraculous healing. The doctors apologized that after surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and whatever other therapy they did, there was nothing more they could do for him and “sent him home to die”. She mentioned that she believed his life was saved largely due to their conscientiously following the advice in a book called, “A Cancer Battle Plan” by Anne E. Frahm with David J. Frahm.
The conversation moved to my sister-in-law’s case, lung cancer due to smoking, as she was still struggling to recover from chemotherapy and having had one lung removed. Then it shifted again to another friend who was doing some pro-bono work lobbying for breast cancer research. All in all, it was quite educational, to say the least. But most of all, I was definitely interested in getting a hold of that book.
As it turned out, I spent several days with my brother and sister-in-law before leaving the states and mentioned that I was interested in that book. One of my Japanese friends in Vietnam had confided to me about her breast cancer and I wanted her to read it, but I was also seriously interested to know what secrets lay between the covers that had benefited my friend’s husband so much that it literally brought him back from the dead.
My brother said they had it…somewhere. That was inspiring to hear, but where was it? They were both readers and had lots of books on lots of bookshelves, and many boxes of books as well.
I spent maybe 30 minutes looking through the bookshelves without success when my brother offered to help. Lo and behold, he more or less went straight to the bottom of one of the bottom boxes of books stacked by a bookshelf and pulled up the prize! Voila! He surprised himself as well, I think.
By the time I arrived back in Vietnam, I’d read the book through and picked up another “Eating Alive” by Dr. Jonn Matsen N.D., at a garage sale on the importance of the digestive system on overall health, I was now “enlightened”. I (sort of) understood the underlying principles of helping the body heal itself through proper nutrition allowed and aided by proper digestion. Exciting!
Now it was late August 2008 and just 10 days after my return from the US, my husband was heading to Europe for 5-6 weeks. I wanted to delay getting a check-up until I was alone. I wanted to deal with the news, especially if it was bad news, by myself. But I didn’t have a doctor yet, so I conceded I still needed help from my husband and God bless him, he was very willing to be there for me in spite of his own distrust of all-things-medical.
One of my biggest dilemmas was deciding where to go to get my lump checked. I knew some doctors, but didn’t really have peace about seeing any of them under these circumstances. I rarely need medical assistance and am not in the habit of going to the doctor for every little thing, so this was a new situation for me. Plus, it’s Vietnam! I asked various friends for more information.




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