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The Research Begins March 27, 2009

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That night my husband called from Europe and right away asked about the results. I think he was even more shocked than I had been. At first, he didn’t know what to say. Then he asked me what I was going to do and assured me he’d pray for me, but it was a very difficult thing to talk about. I briefly shared what the doctor had said, what my options were and what I was thinking and feeling about it so far, but, probably like most people, I knew so little about the subject and really wanted to make an educated decision.
I didn’t sleep much that night, or the next night or the next or the one after that! So many unknowns and blanks to be filled in, problems to be tackled, questions waiting for answers, decisions to be prayed about and carefully made: these are the kinds of things that kept my mind stimulated. What is cancer? Why is it in my body? Why is it so deadly? What natural methods are there for dealing with it? Etc., etc., etc. I prayed and prayed, but my prayers were unfocused and disjointed. This was indeed a time of confusion for me.
I used any free time I had researching about cancer on the Internet and re-reading the 2 books I had on the subject. I had already collected pages and pages of text on healthy eating, tips for effective exercising and the importance of getting enough sleep. But now my attention was focused on finding out what my options were for dealing with cancer.
I was at my target weight of around 57 kilos and I was 170 cm when this all started. I actually felt pretty good and had a normal amount of energy. I had only had one cold and no other sickness for a long time (except the gastritis nearly 2 years earlier.) Why did my body let me down with this? I wanted to find a natural means of healing and the more I read, the less I wanted to subject my body to the medical profession’s solution of the big three: slash/burn/poison. It just seemed so destructive!
One thing I found out right away when researching cancer was that nearly all the medical and scientific (mainstream and non-mainstream) articles contradicted each other regarding why cancer grows in the body, specifically, what feeds it, but there is nearly universal agreement on the many things we should do to prevent its occurrence.
Then as I searched and searched, especially looking for natural cures once one has the disease, I found quite a few different theories on both the path for healing and the understanding of what cancer is and how to look at it. There was certainly no consensus there about how to best get rid of it after you got it. Most everyone agrees on some great ways to prevent it, but after that, if you’re not inclined to go the pharmaceutical route, there’s a lot of pick and shovel work to do to find your own path and what you feel best suits you and your situation.
Living in Vietnam means special challenges regarding healthy choices. We have wonderfully fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables readily obtainable, but a great dearth of anything certified organic. There are countless pharmacies full of prescription medicines as freely accessible as over-the-counter remedies are in the West, but not a single health food store (that I can find) in the largest metropolis in the country! Even though there seem to be no nutritionists to be found, one thing that is available here in large quantities is traditional medicine doctors.



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