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Letters to my Family, #2 April 6, 2009

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22 September 2008

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for your love, concern and generosity, as always. You are welcome to let others know at anytime. I mentioned that in my first letter as I thought you might receive it Sunday morning and would meet people at church whom you might want to tell. I figure the more people who know, means the more prayer power and that’s my first line of defense/attack. Even the unbelieving French doctor encouraged me, when I told him I believe in the power of prayer. He said that it has been proven to be effective! And he didn’t say that because he thought there was no other hope as he has a lot of faith in what he’s doing (the “slash/burn/poison” method). He also said he thought my prognosis looked pretty good as the tumor is still rather small.

So that’s fine. I’ll be quite busy today, but hopefully will have time to write a few people, too. I have already sent a prayer request to many of my friends here and in other countries and believe their prayers are already at work. Last night I slept well–only the 2nd time since I heard the news last Tuesday. I also have had more peace of mind the last few days and generally feel happier. I plan to pick up a few funny movies to get my “insides jogging”. (Did I send you the article about laughter? I can’t find it right now, but I’ll look later and send it if I didn’t yet.)

I’ll let you know what our plans are as I find out myself. The French doctor said that the surgery isn’t complicated and can be done at another cheaper hospital here in Vietnam, but that he recommended his hospital or one in Singapore or Hong Kong or the West for chemotherapy, etc. But I am not limited by his faith. We’ll just take it step by step and see which way the Lord is leading. This is quite a challenge, but I refuse to let fear have any place in my thinking. Of course I get attacked and tempted to fear, but I recognize it as totally counterproductive and fight it with prayer and praise. As I keep fighting, I keep winning! As Paul said, “Thanks be to God Who gives us the victory!”

Gotta go now–I have an appointment in an hour and a few things to do before I leave. God bless you! Don’t worry, but do pray! “Prayer is powerful. When we pray, things happen and things will be different. God answers prayer!”

Lots of love, Me



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