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Reply from L. #3 April 25, 2009

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October 22, 2008


It is completely understandable that you are stressing! There is simply too much to think about and no one there who can help guide you. You should not be losing weight–you are already quite thin. D. did lose a lot of weight on this diet but he could afford to as he was about 30 pounds overweight when he began it. Are you eating avocados and bananas? They are higher in calories than many fruits and the avocados have very good oils. I would try to find a way to add them to your breakfast line-up.

I sort of think the seeds (which are protein) should only be eaten with vegetables. So you could make salads that have seeds. Maybe you should eat 5 meals a day so you are getting enough foods and you don’t continue to lose weight. I don’t know what to say about the ground flaxseed. I guess it is a protein and might be best added to salads. As for yogurt, I guess I would add it to my diet as well and maybe could be used as a snack between all your meals. Are you mixing flax seed oil with cottage cheese as Budwig suggests? I think I’d do that as a snack as well.

I think you are right that this diet is very boring and bland. Try to add herbs (cilantro, dill). I can’t remember what we did about salad dressings–olive oil and lemon juice or lime juice, I think. I think we avoided vinegars. Actually lime juice is alkaline whereas the vinegars are acid. I would cook onions and garlic and add them to my raw or steamed vegetables. Lots of garlic and onions every day.

There is so much controversy about soy, but some people think miso soup is very good. I just found a very useful web site that summarizes the Cancer Battle Plan diet and adds information about other cancer diets.

If you look up Nutrition: A Cancer Battle Plan, you should be able to find it. It is a part of the Wellness Directory of Minnesota. This site summarizes the controversy surrounding soy products. D. was able to eat soy and I think that is how he managed on this diet for three years. If you have to eliminate it, I think you could add small amounts of white fish. This web site recommends this, as well. I think you need to be careful not to get too thin or weakened and some steamed fish might be necessary for you. I guess I would just make sure to eat them with vegetables and no carbs. (This site also warned about not stressing your body too much in the beginning with this very different style of eating.)

I think organic oats are very good for you but you may have to eat them alone. How to eat them with vegetables–that is a challenge. I wonder how they might be if you cooked them in a broth with carrots and sea weeds. Not very delicious sounding…

My own views are that green teas are really good, but I remember reading no caffeine, so I really don’t know what to say. D. did not drink tea or coffee during those three years.

I guess I wouldn’t have the flaxseed powder at dinner so you can avoid drinking too many fluids. Try to get most of your fluids by 5 p.m. (can you get distilled water?) I have the same problem and try not to drink anything with dinner or I have to get up and pee also. My insomnia has been a gigantic nightmare but I have discovered a wonderful solution. I listen to taped stories on a recorder with ear phones when I wake up at night. Usually, after 5 or 10 minutes, I am back asleep, with the ear phones in place and the stories continuing. If I don’t do this, I lie away tossing and turning for hours. I have tried meditation, drugs, hormones–and nothing works like the taped stories. I think the anxiety we feel when we wake up is what keeps us awake. If we can reduce the anxiety and think about something else, we can pass out again.

These woes are so familiar. Do not worry about bothering me. I want to think this through with you, and wish I really were an expert or could recommend one. You aren’t hypoglycemic, are you? I am and that makes this diet very challenging for me.

I am so very glad that we re-connected again at lunch this summer. Please let me know your lab results and write again soon about your diet challenges. I keep you in my thoughts all the time.

Lots of love,




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