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Reply from L. #4 May 9, 2009

Posted by mygiftofcancer in cancer.
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(An earlier post had the same title, but that one is now changed. It was actually a response to a message I sent to all my family and friends. This is a reply to my fourth letter to her personally.)

Hi _____________,

I think it is absolutely right to use the diet now to grab any stray cancer cells and keep your immune system strong.  It is great that J. is interested in trying the same diet–it makes it so much easier when you have that kind of support.

Yes, I think it is best not to drink near meals.  I think D. drank juices three times a day or so, and at least one of those juices had kale and some kind of green power (like kyogreen or spirulina) in it.

I think you probably have to eat potatoes to help you keep from losing weight. They probably do turn to sugar when they are digested but I don’t know how much you should worry about that.  You do not want to get too thin.  If you can’t get avocados, try to just eat more meals each day–and drink as many of the freshly made juices as you can.

You are right that the experts do not agree on whether the cancer feeds on mucus, or sugar, or protein.  I guess that is why I would consider the Budwig diet of flax oil and cottage cheese.  If you can’t get cottage cheese, I wonder if you could mix the flax oil with your freshly made yogurt.  I think it is very important to get your intestines moving efficiently–and certainly the acidophilus helps with that, but D. thinks the coffee enemas are absolutely critical.

I think it does take quite a while to recover from surgery.  I think D. continued to have pains for several years, though he was pretty much recovered after 6 weeks or so.  But I think when muscles and nerves are cut, it just takes the body time to recover.  I have also read that medicines are acid and should be avoided, if possible.

Let me know what the doctors think about the next phase for you.  I wish you could return to the U.S. and try to stock up on all the supplements you are going to need.  Is it hard getting those things into Vietnam?

I really can’t remember what supplements D. took, but it was pretty much everything mentioned in The Cancer Battle Plan.

I think of you all the time and send lots of love,




1. charlottesal - May 10, 2009

Have you thought about sharing your story on EmpowHer.com? It’s a great health website that focus’s on women taking control of their health.

I think others would enjoy hearing about your journey.

I love the title of your blog!

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