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Traditional Herbal Medicine–Pro’s and Con’s August 16, 2009

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Interesting development–the swelling in the corner of my eye turned out to also be a boil. Very strange for me, as I’ve never had this type of skin affliction, at least not as far as I can remember. But it was the 4th problem that had developed in a short time. The two weeks prior had seen mostly nights of broken sleep and some nearly sleepless nights. That seemed to result in a sore throat and runny nose–a 3-4 day cold. Just when my nose was drying up and the skin still tender, the boil started developing on the end of my nose. Then, as that was shrinking and my embarrassment over the bright red bulb was also in decline, lo and behold, the sensitive spot in the corner of my eye was growing more painful and swelling noticeably. (I was afraid people would think I’d been given a black-eye in a fight!)

What was going on???

There was a connection between these 4 events, but I just didn’t see it.

I had just thought that the nights when I couldn’t sleep much were par for the course, as I’d had that problem most of my life. I had, however, somehow forgotten that my Vietnamese herbal medicine doctor had been treating me for that for many months and that overall my sleep had improved significantly.

How could I forget???

Then, a few days ago, after posting about the problem with the boil on my nose and mentioning that I’d asked for prayer for the healing of my eye and to be anointed with oil, I suddenly remembered that I’d requested a change in the herbal medicine to help relieve the gas problem that had gotten worse for some reason. At my appointment, the doctor had asked about my sleep and I’d said it had been pretty good lately.

From that point on, however, I didn’t sleep well.

One thing led to another and finally I realized (after prayer!) that my problems were all related and that the change in the tea was probably responsible for all 4 of the problems! Some herb had been added or taken away that affected sleep and that one or another one was responsible for the boils! It’s awesome to realize how powerful those natural herbs are!

I needed to see the doctor again!

So, last Thursday, I explained what had happened the last few weeks and after his usual examination (“listening” to my pulse, etc.) he made some changes in the prescription.

That afternoon and evening, after lunch and dinner, I drank the new herbal tea and slept well that night (and since then!) The swelling in the corner of my eye started to go down and the pain decreased right away. The boil is still there–a small hard lump with a tiny head–but the color is fading, and soon I’ll be back to normal! Praise God!

One last thing about my tea–the new concoction gave me even worse gas! So, I went back on Saturday (yesterday) for a little more tweaking. We’ll see how that goes when I start drinking the new batch on Tuesday.

In the meantime, surprise-surprise!, my husband finally gave in to my (and my friend’s) encouraging him to see what the herbal doctor could do to help his painful knee. We learned some very interesting things about his body’s needs!

First of all, we have the same basic body types, so the general recommendations for diet were the same. The job of the herbal medicine is to help bring a balance in his body, but some things can also be controlled by diet. Because his liver is weak and his blood and lungs are very hot, he needs to avoid some of the things he has long gone overboard on because he believes they’re so good for keeping him healthy.

But balance and moderation are what the doctor said.

Of course, most of us have read about the benefits of raw garlic, red chilies, onion, and green tea, etc., but he’s an extremist and daily eats (with his lunch) the equivalent of a good-sized handful of sliced up raw garlic and onions with 5-10 fresh chilies on the side. For breakfast he drinks a medium-sized teapot full of very strong green tea along with a large serving of fresh fruit.

Since the doctor said to avoid the first 3 and minimize the 4th, he’s doing his best to comply. It isn’t easy. But, if the tea helps his knee to stop hurting, he says it’ll be worth it. In the future, he’s agreed to be more moderate in his consumption of those hot items. Apparently, those are some of the things that increase the hemoglobin in the blood and negatively impact inflammation, therefore causing pain.

We’ll see how it goes. He’s only got a short time to make this improvement, as he’ll be traveling on Sept. 2nd for a month-long trip. That’ll include a good deal of walking and carrying heavy luggage from place to place. Not good for a very painful knee! He’s already postponed the trip once–can’t really afford to do it again, so he needs relief soon!

Please pray for  him! I’ll keep you posted.



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