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I’m 60, female, have breast cancer and have lived most of my life outside of the US where I was born and raised. I opened this site to have a place to share what I’ve learned not only from cancer and from living in several countries in Asia, but also about the faith that sustains me.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to write to let others know about the many interesting and powerful truths we can learn from both the Creator and the Creation. The long histories of so many of these Asian countries have given them ample time to discover and cultivate a whole host of secrets to good health which have often been snubbed by Western medicine. The Bible is also full of jewels of infinite wisdom we can actually apply to daily life for benefits to both soul and body.

Little by little, I’ve learned a few things that can be appropriated by folks anywhere as well as some other things that might be more difficult to do unless you actually live here, in Asia.

My goal is to offer tips and information for healing and for better health for mind and body from a layperson’s point of view. I avoid chemicals and pharmaceutical medicines as much as possible while trying to keep my life in balance with nature, but there are times when I am not as strict. I live in Ho Chi Minh City. I can’t avoid things here that I could avoid if I lived in the countryside, or in a more ecologically developed country. But I try. And that’s why I want to share my experiences in this blog: to give ideas to others to also try and see what’s actually doable where they are.




1. drsvenkatesan - May 28, 2010

Great blog .keep the good work

Dr venkatesan India

2. Karyn Meyers - January 8, 2012

Hi, someone told me about this site. I have been diagnosed with colon cancer and after cheno and radiation to shrink it I have surgery coming up in a few weeks. I do believe stress is a major cause in my case. Lost my job in beginning of 2009 then my home and for two years have tried to find another job and rent rooms in others homes. Not the greatest way to live. Major disapp[ointments and just trying to stay alive and this gift is to shake me up to realize I need to take care of me instead of everyone else and be my own best friend. Before it is too late to get the things inb life I want. I am finally doing some writing, which is my passion and I am great at so I will pursue that more and be good to myself. Happy to be your first reply, Karyn from Chicago…..

3. Louis Dallara - November 7, 2014

Great site. Lots of valuable information, may you continue your journey. Peace and Love and Light.
my health site is http://njhealthfederation.org/

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