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Chapter 10, “In Remission” (and Confusion!)

October 31, 2008

Dear L,

Thanks for keeping in touch. I realize I’m actually “in remission” not exactly as I had put it, “they got all the cancer”. I’m beginning to recognize the difference. I must still be diligent to make the conditions in my body a very hostile environment for cancer, as there aren’t any tests that tell if and how many stray cancer cells are roaming around in my body, hoping for the right conditions to be able to grow again. Is that about right? So, I need to continue the balancing act with the live foods and supplements. Thankfully, J’s started to take an interest in following the same schedule, though he still eats fish and eggs.

I have more questions for you:

How often did D. drink green drinks? I’m still waiting for my Kyo-Green powdered drink mix, but in the meantime, someone gave me another Japanese green drink which I’m taking with Spirulina and vit. C once in the a.m. and just by itself once in the afternoon. It seems best not to drink near meals, is that right? (Unless it’s more than 15 minutes before a meal.)

What about potatoes? I’ve been mixing my seeds with steamed potatoes and that tastes great, except I still use salt and I’d like to be able to switch to kelp powder if I can only get a hold of some! I like eating potatoes because they’re filling and help me not lose weight, but they’re not “live” and being more or less pure starch, turn into sugar when digested. So, is that feeding the cancer cells?

I add flaxseed to one meal a day, usually lunch because I can add extra liquid to balance out the dryness. (We filter our own water and have a good system we’ve used for years.) I haven’t looked for cottage cheese here, but I’m sure it isn’t common, so I wonder about the quality. We’ve made our own yogurt for many years, so I know that’s alive, but I’m also concerned that the cancer feeds on mucous formed by any dairy products.

On that topic, I also read that cancer feeds on protein (thus the red meat connection). So, which is it? Does cancer feed on sugar, dairy products or protein? Or all 3? Ha! No wonder I’m confused! The experts don’t agree on very much, so how am I supposed to figure it out!

We haven’t had avocados for a while. I think they’re not in season. Actually, the avocados here aren’t very tasty, but I’ll check if they’re available. I do eat a lot of bananas, though. We buy a small, very good variety known for its nutrition. They’re easy to stick in my bag and take with me when I go out. I eat them before we take a bit of exercise (brisk walking) most evenings.

That tides me over until dinner. (Actually, I have 2 main meals: lunch and dinner and I’m out of the house all afternoon 5 days a week.)

We have a lot of great herbs here, but I still struggle with getting more interesting fresh vegetables. Since I don’t do the shopping or cooking, it is a challenge to come up with an overall plan. Today we discussed buying more cabbage and broccoli and less lettuce. I often have tomato, cucumber or lettuce, onion and cilantro (different from parsley(?), but I’m not sure which we’re eating) in a salad as well as carrot/beet juice. The rest is often cooked a bit. I don’t know if the ratio of fresh to cooked is high enough for the whole day, but we’re working on it.

I’m getting more garlic worked in since I stopped drinking the herbal tea (he asked me to avoid too much garlic.) I’ll go back to the herbal doctor soon, though and will ask if I can continue eating garlic as I do believe it’s important to include.

You mentioned the web site (International Wellness Directory) that updates the “Cancer Battle Plan“. I’ve been there already and have studied it a lot. Lately, though, I’ve focused on recovering from the surgery and have searched through countless web sites looking for information about how to get rid of the swelling and sensitivity in my armpit and how to soften the very hard, tight scar tissue under the skin where the incision was made.

The doctor prescribed some cream, which I may need to buy, but I’ve been trying aloe vera, which grows here. It just takes time, like all natural methods. I think I read that all medicines are toxic to the body and are acid forming, so I want to avoid them as much as possible. Finally, I read that it takes around 3 to 6 weeks to recover from the surgery, so, since it’s only been a little over 2 weeks now, I can relax knowing that these symptoms are par for the course. Some places even say it can take 6 months to fully recover!!!

I’m still waiting for the hospital to call me to make another appointment so the doctor can tell me their recommendations. I do plan to listen, but I will have my guard up. I may or may not buy their “insurance” plan. I’m not afraid of it (chemo or hormone therapy). I just doubt that that is the best thing for my body since the majority of the cancer is obviously now in some trash can somewhere and no longer in my body! I will pray about it, though. I’m not known to be rash, though I do dare to be different when I feel it’s the right thing to do. I’m more likely to be overly cautious, so don’t worry.

I’ll definitely let you know as I go though this step by step.

Thanks again for all your help and advice. I really appreciate it. Sorry if this is messy again. I’m just rattling it off before falling into bed, so I’m probably not very clear!

By the way, my mother has had sciatic pain since having to lift her heavy walker in and out of the car when she drives to see my dad. That was why she didn’t go to see my dad the afternoon you were there. She needs my dad to get stronger fast, so she can also heal up!

Lots of love,


November 5, 2008

Reply from L.

Hi _____________,

I think it is absolutely right to use the diet now to grab any stray cancer cells and keep your immune system strong.  It is great that J. is interested in trying the same diet–it makes it so much easier when you have that kind of support.

Yes, I think it is best not to drink near meals.  I think D. drank juices three times a day or so, and at least one of those juices had kale and some kind of green power (like kyogreen or spirulina) in it.

I think you probably have to eat potatoes to help you keep from losing weight.They probably do turn to sugar when they are digested but I don’t know how much you should worry about that.  You do not want to get too thin.  If you can’t get avocados, try to just eat more meals each day–and drink as many of the freshly made juices as you can.

You are right that the experts do not agree on whether the cancer feeds on mucus, or sugar, or protein.  I guess that is why I would consider the Budwig diet of flax oil and cottage cheese.  If you can’t get cottage cheese, I wonder if you could mix the flax oil with your freshly made yogurt.  I think it is very important to get your intestines moving efficiently–and certainly the acidophilus helps with that, but D. thinks the coffee enemas are absolutely critical.

I think it does take quite a while to recover from surgery.  I think D. continued to have pains for several years, though he was pretty much recovered after 6 weeks or so.  But I think when muscles and nerves are cut, it just takes the body time to recover.  I have also read that medicines are acid and should be avoided, if possible.

Let me know what the doctors think about the next phase for you.  I wish you could return to the U.S. and try to stock up on all the supplements you are going to need.  Is it hard getting those things into Vietnam?

I really can’t remember what supplements D. took, but it was pretty much everything mentioned in The Cancer Battle Plan.

I think of you all the time and send lots of love,




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