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Chapter 12, Encouragement from L.

December 13, 2008

Dear __________,

I was so very glad to hear from you.  In fact, I was about to write to you as I was worrying a bit about how you are doing.  It sounds like you are doing great!  I’m so glad you have an herbal doctor.  I think his message about avoiding sweet fruits is very good.  D. remembers not eating very much sweet fruit in the beginning, just as he eliminated all sugar.

You are right that some vegetable juices can also be too sweet—carrots especially.  That’s why mixing them with a bit of kale or broccoli sort of helps.  I think eating the vegetable soups is also great.  It is too bad the avocados are such poor quality.  They are a good way of getting good calories and fats in your diet to help you gain weight.  It sounds like you have plenty of energy, so maybe you shouldn’t worry too much about the weight loss.  D. lost quite a lot of weight on this diet–but he was heavy to begin with, tall and big boned–so it did him no harm.

It sounds like your digestion is really fine.  Probably the gas is caused by the beans and vegetables.  Soaking the beans and draining them before cooking is supposed to help.  I know D. was bothered by this too–and still is.  He seems to have become very sensitive to beans, even soy beans and garbonzo beans which were such a big part of his diet initially.  Maybe this is a question for your herbal doctor.

I think you are right that it is difficult to know what is happening in your body.  It is very good that the tumor is gone and you are doing all the right things to help your body fight whatever cells might remain. D. did have specific tests they could do in the follow-up years, but maybe there aren’t similar tests for breast cancer.  What you both share is a positive attitude, good diet, exercise and a loving, supportive environment.

I have not read the David Servan-Schreiber book but I have read the reviews and the list of things he thinks are most important for cancer patients to do.  (All have to do with diet and we incorporate all those things already in our diets.)  I don’t know the other book you mention but I am glad to hear about it.  You know, it is very strange, but I can hardly bear to go back and look at the books I poured over 14 years ago as we were going through this.  I can’t bear to listen to the music I listened to then.  It is like a bad dream that I do not like to revisit. I gladly revisit it when someone else is going through this cancer turmoil, but in my own life, I just seem to want to focus on the healthy moment.  And now you are having daily healthy moments, too.  You really sound wonderful and I feel so completely joyous about that!

Have a lovely Christmas season.  If you come back to __________ next year, please let me know.  I am dividing my time between P. and C., but your visit could coincide with my time in C.





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