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Chapter 13, More Questions for L.

March 2, 2009

Dear L,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been another 2 1/2 months since I last wrote. Lots has happened since then, including moving house! Our previous landlady got greedy and wanted more rent money, then, when she realized we were not willing to pay more than before and we would therefore be moving, she begged us to stay at the same price, long contract, blah, blah, blah. But we’d already found a better place, so we moved. The new place is bigger and better for the same price. So, that’s done now, but there are still things to do to get fully set up, so we’ve been busy.

How are you and yours? We’re all fine. Of course the cancer is still a concern and affects my meals most of all, but otherwise, I’m too busy to keep up the research, etc. I still haven’t prepared a clear set of guidelines (on paper) for our cook/helper. I’m sure the fresh to cooked ratio for my vegetables is out of whack (too much cooked) and other things probably aren’t “by the book” so that concerns me sometimes, but mostly I just reassure myself that I’ve majored on the majors (no sugars, no processed foods, no dairy products, no meat except white fish occasionally, no fruit with other foods, no oil except olive or coconut, etc…) It can be exhausting just keeping all the “don’ts” in mind! Ha!

I was wondering how long D. kept this up before allowing a treat, i.e. glass of wine, crackers and cheese. Somewhere I read 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years. Does that sound right?

OK, so now it’s March 12th–somehow I lost 10 days since I started this letter! From time to time I think of things I’d like to ask you, but when I finally sit in front of the computer and get to writing, of course, I can’t remember what they were. Ha!

One thing I wondered was related to the above question, what does D. eat now? How specialized is his diet now, so many years after you began this journey? Does he still exercise regularly and vigorously? How’s his health been? How many colds does he catch a year, on average? Does he have plenty of energy?

This is how I gauge my own health. What I don’t know is what long-term effect my mostly vegetarian diet will have on me. What vitamins or other nutrients am I missing? Do I really need all those supplements? I have no idea what important nutrients are in the herbal tea I drink, but it’s probably very good overall, but for that I have to just trust my doctor.

Lately I started eating a bean concoction that the Vietnamese have used for, maybe centuries, if not longer, I don’t know. It’s made of 4 beans and black sesame seeds. The beans are: soy, green, black and red (translated from Vietnamese–I don’t know their correct English names) and they’re not boiled, but rather roasted I think and then ground into a powder. You just mix the powder with water and eat it like hot cereal (or cold) or add more water and drink it. It’s cheap and very nutritious and was a regular part of the Vietnamese diet until recently when Western foods started getting more popular. (Too bad!) Those who don’t eat it themselves still consider it important for babies and old people and those who are sick. My doctor recommended it and showed me where to buy it from an old guy who makes it fresh every day. I don’t seem to have any trouble with gas with it, so I feel more comfortable getting all the goodness from the beans this way rather than eating the boiled beans that gave me so much gas! I’ve added it to my breakfast menu as I was told it should be eaten in the morning. Now I have fruit early and the bean powder around 10 and then carrot/beet/cucumber juice at 12.

Sorry, I don’t know why I got into all those little details, just rambling! (I’m sleepy!)

Anyway, I’m doing fine. How are you? How’s this economic crisis affecting you guys? Are you personally hurt by it? We haven’t personally felt it much yet, but we’ve been told to expect a delayed reaction to hit here, so we’re trying to be as prepared as possible.

As much as I’d like to visit the US this year, not only to see my folks, D. and S. and friends, but also to pick up the food supplements and things that aren’t available over here. But it doesn’t look like it will happen. However, I may still try to make a short trip to visit my son and his family in Japan. Do you and D. still travel to Japan fairly regularly? Where to, if so? My son lives near Nagoya.

I guess I’d better stop here. I do hope and pray all’s well with you and your family.

Lots of love,




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