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Video on Dangers of Sugar (4:23) March 15, 2014

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“Here’s What You Need to Know about the Dangers of Sugar”–a video available on YouTube.

This is a short, but powerful warning for all who are interested in avoiding cancer. It doesn’t go quite far enough to say how important it is to stop consuming all forms of sugar once you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, but if those pesky cancer cells have nothing to feed on, it seems very likely that they will starve to death, right?


Cancer and High-fructose Corn Syrup April 16, 2013

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So, here’s yet another study confirming the connection between the typical American’s (and increasingly, the rest of the world’s) addiction to and unhealthy consumption of artificially sweetened foods and drinks, and one of the worst scourges of the last few decades: cancer. A quote from the article below, “Consumption of high fructose grew rapidly in the U.S. – by 1,000 percent – between 1970 and 1990, about the time the obesity epidemic began in earnest.” fails to add that between 1970 and 1990 is the same time that cancer cases (and deaths) rose rapidly, leveling out in the early ’90s! Is it just a coincidence?? I think not!

See the full article below: 


Experts: One-third of breast cancer is avoidable March 28, 2010

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By Maria Cheng, AP, Mar 25, 2010

BARCELONA, Spain (AP)–Up to a third of breast cancer cases in Western countries could be avoided if women ate less and exercised more, researchers at a breast cancer conference said Thursday, renewing debate on a sensitive topic.

While better treatments, early diagnosis and mammogram screenings have dramatically slowed the disease, experts said the focus should now shift to changing behaviors like diet and physical activity. The comments added to a series of findings that lifestyle changes in areas such as smoking, eating, exercise and sun exposure can have a significant effect on all sorts of cancer rates. (more…)

Chapter 14, L’s Answers July 20, 2009

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March 13, 2009


I was so happy to hear from you today.  I have been thinking about you and wondering how your diet and lifestyle changes were going.  I think you are right that you have “majored on the majors”.  That is really huge and I think you shouldn’t worry too much about the cooked vs. raw vegetable ratio.  I think the critical thing is eating the “right” vegetables.  I am so intrigued by your description of the bean mixture you take.  It sounds like a wonderful idea; you get all the benefits of the beans without the gas.  I think there is much to be learned from traditional cultures and Western medicine is so blind to it. (more…)

Reply from L. #2 April 23, 2009

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October 7, 2008

Dear  _____,

I was so very glad to hear from you again, as I was afraid that what I said in my previous e-mail might have been too overwhelming.

I think you have a wonderful attitude and it sounds like you are on your way to beginning this new diet and lifestyle.

To try to answer some of your questions: (1) Yes, I think beans can cause some gas problems. I think it helps if you soak the beans for 24 hours before you cook them. Also, I think your body gradually gets used to it. You can experiment with different beans as they may have different effects on you. I think lentils may be the easiest to digest. (Great lentil soup recipe: brown onions in a little oil; add lentils (more…)

Reply from L. #1 April 15, 2009

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Oct 1, 2008

Dear ______,

I have been away from my computer for several days and just now read your e-mail.

I’m sure you are feeling a terrible shock from your recent diagnosis; what always makes matters worse is that now you have to gather together all the information and decide on a course of action. We felt that our anxiety lessened once we decided how we were going to proceed and we could throw ourselves into our active pursuit of getting well.

I spent many months reading endless books on cancer and alternative treatments. D’s tumor (and almost half a lung were removed) and then he had chemo and radiation. (more…)

Letters to my Family, #1 April 5, 2009

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Before I continue with my challenge of how to adjust my diet to defeat the cancer, I thought I’d include some of the communications I sent to my family and friends. It’s personal, but summarizes how I was feeling and thinking at the time. Here’s the first letter written when I first knew I had cancer.


21 September 2008

Dear Mom and Dad, (more…)

The Research Continues March 28, 2009

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Even though much of my time was occupied by our volunteer projects and prior commitments, it seemed the rest of my waking hours were mostly dedicated to reading everything I could find on how to cure cancer naturally.
I began to apply the guidelines in “A Cancer Battle Plan” as best as I could, but found it wasn’t as straight forward as it looked. Mainly, because I didn’t have a nutritionist or any other professional to advise me and in my zeal to get everything right, I put myself under too much pressure. (more…)

The C-word, Part 2 March 20, 2009

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One of the first get-togethers I had shortly after arriving in my hometown was a lunch with family friends I’d know since childhood. Our 3 families had grown up together and lost loved ones together over a period of about 50 years. Some had stayed in the area and others had moved far away, so it was more like a reunion as we tried to catch up in the short time we had together.
That’s not remarkable in itself, but the topic turned to cancer and (more…)