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Alternative Cancer Therapy August 18, 2009

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Here’s a batch of herbs carefully prepared as part of the prescription for my husband’s painful knee. After seeing my improvement and progress due to using herbal medicine to treat my breast cancer and other minor ailments, my husband was willing to try my Vietnamese herbal medicine doctor. Since he would be traveling in a couple of weeks, he needed to have his knee in good shape to be able to manage his heavy luggage and long walks at the airports, etc.

I took him for his first visit last Thursday morning and he began drinking the specially prepared tea that afternoon. Now, the following Tuesday, he says he can feel the improvement already. It seems likely that he’ll be physically ready for his trip–now he just needs to finish all his other preparations!

I’ve put together a page on my MY GIFT OF CANCER website (not my blog here on WordPress) (https://sites.google.com/site/mygiftofcancer/home) Google Sites with photos and a description of a usual trip to this type of doctor, what happens, what you see (and smell) and a bit about the preparation of the herbal tea at home. Check out the article here.


Traditional Herbal Medicine–Pro’s and Con’s August 16, 2009

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Interesting development–the swelling in the corner of my eye turned out to also be a boil. Very strange for me, as I’ve never had this type of skin affliction, at least not as far as I can remember. But it was the 4th problem that had developed in a short time. The two weeks prior had seen mostly nights of broken sleep and some nearly sleepless nights. That seemed to result in a sore throat and runny nose–a 3-4 day cold. Just when my nose was drying up and the skin still tender, the boil started developing on the end of my nose. Then, as that was shrinking and my embarrassment over the bright red bulb was also in decline, lo and behold, the sensitive spot in the corner of my eye was growing more painful and swelling noticeably. (I was afraid people would think I’d been given a black-eye in a fight!)

What was going on???

There was a connection between these 4 events, but I just didn’t see it. (more…)