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Traditional Herbal Medicine–Pro’s and Con’s August 16, 2009

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Interesting development–the swelling in the corner of my eye turned out to also be a boil. Very strange for me, as I’ve never had this type of skin affliction, at least not as far as I can remember. But it was the 4th problem that had developed in a short time. The two weeks prior had seen mostly nights of broken sleep and some nearly sleepless nights. That seemed to result in a sore throat and runny nose–a 3-4 day cold. Just when my nose was drying up and the skin still tender, the boil started developing on the end of my nose. Then, as that was shrinking and my embarrassment over the bright red bulb was also in decline, lo and behold, the sensitive spot in the corner of my eye was growing more painful and swelling noticeably. (I was afraid people would think I’d been given a black-eye in a fight!)

What was going on???

There was a connection between these 4 events, but I just didn’t see it. (more…)


Raw Honey and Turmeric to the Rescue! August 12, 2009

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Thought  you might be interested–honey and turmeric seemed to work just fine to shrink my boil and it’s now the size of a fading pimple–no swelling, no redness, no pain or tenderness! It took about a day and a half. I used raw, unfiltered, non-heat-treated mountain honey from Sapa, Vietnam mixed with powdered turmeric to make a paste and applied it to the boil. I covered the goo with a tiny bit of tissue to keep from accidentally touching anything to the potently colorful mixture and thereby reducing the chances of staining clothes, etc. The two nights I used the paste, I also covered the area (on my nose!) with a band-aid to avoid disturbing it or messing up my linens while I slept. (more…)

The C-word Part 5 March 24, 2009

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The doctor continued describing what the diagnosis meant and what my options were. Mostly he talked about 2 choices: 1. lumpectomy followed by radiation or 2. mastectomy, which would not necessarily need to be followed by radiation. Mercifully, he repeated himself to give me time to let it all sink in. I had time, he said, so there was no need to rush to make the decision.
He didn’t know it yet, but from the researching and praying I had already done, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be doing either radiation or chemotherapy nor would I go the hormone therapy route. (more…)